True to Myself

True to myself

Be true to who you are.

This blog has gone through one transition after another. It has been about family, the Bible, business, and other themes. A site that isn’t interesting isn’t going to find and audience. This isn’t good for search engine ranking on Google, Bing and others. I know about search engine optimization, I know about writing articles for publication too. But my personality is getting in the way of doing things right for this blog. I am not being true to myself.

Breaking the rules

This site has my name on it, so maybe I should be true to my name… true to myself. For example, I am interested in a lot of things, aren’t you? People have a life, and there is a lot going on in our lives. Come to think about it, YouTube doesn’t focus on one topic. They focus on a purpose. So there you go. Maybe that is my answer. I need to choose a purpose.

What is my purpose? Hmm… Maybe sharing the rambling conversations in my head. You know that voice in your head that has an opinion about everything. True, I can’t write about everything that goes through my head. That would be against the rules. I tried following the rules once. I had a site about Christian Living, a site about Entrepreneurialism, a site about Writing and Publishing, and some others. I kept each blog focused on it’s own topic, that is the rule.

Multiple blogs are a lot of work, so I didn’t write often enough on any of them and I lost interest. I wasn’t being true to who and what I am. I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that I am a free-spirit, a butterfly floating from one flower to another. Then again, maybe I am just lack discipline. Probably a mixture of them both.

Not true to myself

There was a time when I had slipped into a depression that wouldn’t let go. I learned a lot from therapy during that time. One thing that stands out in my head is when the psychiatrist asked, “Who are you trying to please? Who’s standards are you trying to live up to? You are a round peg trying to force yourself into a round hole. So who are you trying to please?”

“My parents”, I told him. “More specifically, my mother.”

For example, I was recognized for my poetry in grade school. One poem especially made the rounds in the teacher’s lounge and the school office. I was proud and I told my mother. She got mad and told me I cannot make a living writing poetry, focus on good grades in math and science so you can get a good job.(She wanted me to be an architect.)

I didn’t get the message she was trying to yell into my head. Instead, I got the message that no matter what I do, it is not going to be good enough for her. So why try at all? (Be careful how you talk to your kids, they may misunderstand and be scarred for life.) Because of a lot of stuff like this that I don’t need to regurgitate, I struggle with guilt when I am true to myself instead of living up to my mother’s expectations.

So why am I telling you this story. Darn if I know! Maybe it is just to say, “Be true to yourself.” Or maybe I am trying to shed some baggage. Ether way, let’s just rap this article up and move on.

Build a blog and they will come

I doubt that is true in most cases. Maybe my family might check out this blog from time to time. Maybe some of my business clients and associates will check it out. Plus there is my church and other Christians on the web that might find my Christianity topics interesting.

Is my blog going to be about being true to who you are? No it isn’t. I am just saying my blog will eclectic just like my personality is eclectic. I am going to be true to myself.

Will this blog speak to a larger audience? I don’t know. I sort of doubt it.

(Maybe it will make the rounds in a teacher’s lounge somewhere.)

Only time will tell.


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