Road Trip Vacation

Road Trip

Debra and I are going on a 8-10 week road trip. Hopefully before winter 2016.

After our new website starts making money, Debra and I want to take a road trip to visit Family and friends. The vacation will last around 8-10 weeks.

When will we take this road trip?

I’m thinking fall 2016 at the latest. Even then we may hit some early snow in the mountains. If we don’t make it this year, we’ll hit the road in spring 2017.

Either before or after the road trip, we will find a new home and relocate near our kids. Probably in a 50-60 mile radius of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Road Trip Venue

Our trip might look like this:

  1. First stop of the day will be the Adventist Book Center in Keene, Texas, to pick up gifts and favorite vegetarian food. Then we will continue on down to Caldwell to visit Dan and Sandy for the weekend.
  2. Crockett, Texas to visit Debra’s family for a long weekend.
  3. Jackson, Mississippi to see Cindy and visit for a short weekend.
  4. Branson, Missouri to take in the shows for a few week days.

    Road Trip

    Debra and I will be visiting at least three civil war battlefields and museums.

  5. Manassas, Antietam, and Gettysburg National Battlefields in Maryland and Pennsylvania for a few days.
  6. Buffalo, New York to visit with David and Roger for a long weekend.
  7. Salt Lake City to visit Sandy and Mallie for a short weekend.
  8. Jewell, Oregon to visit Mitchell and our friends in Vernonia for a long weekend.
  9. Fisherman’s Wharf, San Fransisco for a trip down memory lane, for a few week days.
  10. Stillwater, Oklahoma to find a new home near our kids and grand kids.

Road Trip Stats

This road trip will look something like this:

  • 128 hours driving time
  • 8,000 miles estimated total
  • 14 planned stops
  • 8 weekend visits

Thirty four years of marriage and only one vacation to visit family. That one was a bust.

We intend to make up for lost time.

Fun memories, here we come 🙂


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