It’s a good thing

Blogger NotIt is a good thing that I don’t have a lot of followers. Occationally, people do a search on my name and they come upon this website. I am not a consistant blogger. So I don’t have anything here.

Change I must.

I recently changed my twitter account to focus on Sabbath Keeping Christianity. Maybe that will hold my interest here too. I guess my interest isn’t the problem. I am an introvert and would rather read than talk or share. Put my wife and I in the middle of nowhere and we are happy.

Jesus could have been a blogger. He wrote in the sand didn’t he? I am being facecious just to break your train of thought. ┬áMy point is this…

There was a woman who had sex with a number of men in exchange for money or gifts. Not sure if she was a prostitute by choice. In those days a woman needed a husband in order to survive. She may have been try to survive becuase she didn’t have a husband.

Anyways, these men decided to stone her for being a prostitute and Jesus started writing in the sand. Next thing you know, the woman’s occusers started drifting away. Ever wonder what Jesus wrote?

I wonder if Jesus was listing the sins of the occusers.

I wouldn’t want to see my list of sins, would you?