Entrepreneur Procrastination

entrepreneur procrastination

Procrastination has cost me millions.

I have had a project on and off the shelf for about 10 years because of  entrepreneur procrastination. It has been my intent to build one or more monetized websites that earn about 5 figures per month. The other day, it dawned on me that I could have had an internet business that was earning millions of dollars every year. That realization has just lit a fire under my entrepreneurial procrastinating butt.

What is entrepreneur procrastination?

Every entrepreneur has entrepreneur procrastination with something in there life. It is a different story for each us. Here is my story.


Solopreneur – a word someone coined to mean a solo entrepreneur.

Most of the time, I am a solopreneur – I have a lone wolf personality, going my own way and going it alone. Most of the time I can eat, but I have to live lean. But honestly, I could do better if I got a job with the rest of the pack. But where is the fun in that?

If I am going to be in the working poor class, I just as soon have some fun trying to launch the next big thing. What gives me a thrill, (like jumping off a cliff), is the challenges of launching a business from scratch. Like a sloppy P&J sandwich – easy to start but a challenge to eat.

Hmm, do lone wolves eat P&J’s?

I do. I love them.

But here is the thing

I build a business… it takes off… it make some good money… I get bored and I hate to manage. So I sell the money making business to some hack that destroys it. I don’t care, I had my fun and I am ready to move on.

Then I start a dozen more business ideas or knock-offs. None of them take off like I expect. I have this one business on the shelf, but I will save that for hard times – entrepreneur procrastination. Like the lone wolf who is full from his last meal, he passes by an easy kill.

When I am broke again, I take my easy start-up and play around with it – entrepreneur procrastination. There is no challenge in launching something that I already know will work and will make money.

Then the wolf sees a big juicy moose steak. He ignores the easy kill and risks all to take done the moose.

entreprenuer procrastinationAll right all ready! Enough with this lone wolf crap!

I am shocked that I gave up millions because it was going to be ‘to easy’ to start and sat on the back burner.

Excuse me while I kick some lone wolf butt around the block. He owes me a few million.


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