Blog Schedule

DOH!I really, really need to set up a blog schedule… I don’t think I have/had an audience, but if I did, they are gone now! My bad.

For this blog, I am just going to give you a quick overview:

  1. I just sent an email to asking if they would be interested in a cooking show that I want to host and produce. Not to give away my million dollar idea, (I can hope, can’t I?), but I have a unique and clever idea for a cooking show that will make it entertaining and informative. I love to cook for fun, (Cooking three squares is not my idea of fun.) Not only would I get to cook for fun, but the show would give me a chance to show-off a little too.
  2. Hey! I recently started working for Texoma T-N-T in Wichita Falls, Texas selling steel buildings. I am an independent sales manager and I really love this job. There is enough slow-time or down-time between customers that I can work on blogging, websites, marketing, or whatever.
  3. And third… DOH! I forgot 😉  I am so bad at forgetting things that I have to take my wife with me to doctor appointments. If she doesn’t go then she’ll ask, what did the doctor say? I’m like, I don’t know!!!

Okay, that is it for now, I forgot to stop for lunch so I may as well eat it now that I am really hungry. 😉 Riiight… I need a blog schedule too. Don’t forget.

I am so forgetful that when my wife and I got married, I kept introducing her by three other names. We hadn’t known each other very long. So when her birthday came along, I had the cake made with four names on it and a check-mark next to her name. I had the cake delivered to the office she worked at to share with everyone. Ha ha, everyone was like, “There has to be a story behind this cake!?”